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The Young3 Takes It's Talents To South Beach - Miami, Florida

By Liam Blutman, 07/20/18, 9:45AM PDT


The Young3 took its talents to South Beach this week and while it’s hard to believe this camp was somehow even better than the camps held in previous weeks. Simply put, the kids of Miami, Florida showed up as we had well over 200 kids participate in the clinic with many of them taking part in the 3 on 3 tournament that followed the clinic. This was easily the largest showing for Young3. We are extremely proud of the young ones of Miami and are eager to see which city is able to top it. 


The kids in attendance were fortunate to meet Big3 players: Nate Robinson, Derrick Byars, Robert Hite, and Marcus Banks. In addition to these athletes, several basketball legends were present and spoke to the kids. These adults shared their wisdom and experiences including: Irving Thomas, Billy Thompson, Roy Henson, Toccara Williams, and LaMar and Terrence Green. These legends shared with the kids the importance of school and why getting an education is so very crucial to their future successes in life. The young kids who take honors classes were singled out and acknowledged for their hard work and applauded for setting an example to the others to strive to be the best they can possibly be. Derrick Byars message to the youth was to stay out of trouble and hang out with good people who will be there for you and stop you from getting into trouble. Nate Robinson and a few other players were seen dancing with the kids and just having a great time. Big3 commissioner, Clyde Drexler stopped by as well. As always our Young3 coaches were there to support the youth and run the clinic and those included, Desmon Farmer, Erin Thorn, James “Hollywood” Robinson, and Young3 President Jerome Williams. 


It was a wonderful day and I have no doubt that the kids of the Gwen Cherry Park Boys and Girls Club and kids of the Miami Parks & Recreation camp will cherish this day for years to come. It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to meet and spend quality time with multiple people who have succeeded in life and are willing take time out of their days to share stories, lessons and try and spread positivity to help educate these young children and hopefully enrich their lives. The message is being heard as word has spread that the young men and women of the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago are proudly wearing their Young3 gear nearly everyday they enter the gym. The Young3 coaches couldn’t help but smile when they learned this and that’s exactly what you want to see. The message is resonating with these young kids.


Next week the Young3 goes international as we head to Toronto, Canada for another great camp.