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Young3 - Chicago, Illinois

By Liam Blutman, 06/29/18, 7:15AM PDT


Week 2 of the Young3 was held at the Boys and Girls club on the West Side of

Chicago, Illinois. 300 enthusiastic kids arrived early Thursday morning and 80 kids participated in the clinic and learn from some of the best basketball educators available to them. It was awesome to see another large contingent of Chicago’s youth show up and play some basketball. As always the kids were ecstatic to see the 4-point shot stickers and try their best from long distance. It’s a good thing to see such a simple innovation from the Big3 capture the attention of so many young people in such a short period. The 4 pointer is big-time.

Big3 Commissioner, Clyde ‘The Glide” Drexler was in attendance today and was seen speaking to the kids and preaching great advice as always. Clyde let the kids know that their free time is so important due to the fact that what they choose to do with that free time will likely make a positive impact on their life whether it’s keeping them out of trouble or leading them to a job down the road. For example, if you’re spending your free time playing basketball with friends, that’s likely keeping you out of trouble as you build relationships while your love for basketball continues to grow. And with effort and a lot of hard work that love for basketball can be turned into a career. And it all started with your choice of activity during your free time.

Big3 players in attendance were former Chicago Bull, Brian Scalabrine and former Chicago native, Corey Maggette, former Chicago Bull and president of Young3, Jerome “JYD” Williams, Desmon Farmer, and James “Hollywood Robinson.” Notable basketball legends to show up were…NBRPA Chicago Chapter President: Jeff Sanders, NBRPA Chicago Chapter Vice President: Emmette Bryant, former Chicago Sky player, Erin Thorn, former Chicago Bull, Cliff Livingston, and former Harlem Globetrotter, Charles “Choo” Smith.

Once again the 3 on 3 tournament was a resounding success. You can clearly see that the kids love all the open space, the challenge of guarding somebody one on one, not having to shoot two free throws as well as playing short games at a fast pace which allows them to play in even more games. Although teams played over 5 games each, it seemed as though each team would’ve been up to the task of playing 20+ games all day long as their energy never wavered. You really do have to love and respect what the Young3/Big3 are doing here in helping the youth out by giving back to the game they all love while also promoting the new and innovative Big3 rules.

Next week, the Young3 and Big3 travel to Oakland, California to continue to promote their league and most importantly educate and positively influence the youth as much as possible.